Week of 10/17 - 10/21

posted Oct 16, 2016, 11:33 AM by Stephanie Gerlach
 In Social Studies this week, the students will be comparing and contrasting two of the earliest Native American civilizations, the Cahokians and Teotihuacans.  In Religion, they will be learning about important women from the Old Testament who demonstrated their faith in God.  The students will be examining various fruits and seeds in Science to infer how fruits help seeds to survive and grow.  In Math, the focus will be on regrouping when adding numbers. Students have been asked to practice this concept on Mathletics.com by completing the activities under the category "NBT.Number & Operations in Base Ten 2."  I frequently access the site to note which students are utilizing this resource, and the data provided helps me to target areas of weakness, which I can then address during class.  Please encourage your child to spend some time each evening strengthening their math skills by using Mathletics!