An Update

posted Sep 10, 2014, 12:33 PM by Stephanie Gerlach
     In Science, we're beginning our study of plant life!  Today the students examined a section of onion skin under a microscope to detect cells, the basic building blocks of all living things.  During this unit, we'll be doing a number of hands-on activities and experiments to help students learn using all of their senses.                                                       

      We've also started building a Word Wall in our classroom.  This is a list of sight words (words that cannot be spelled phonetically) that are frequently used when reading or writing.  Each week we'll be adding several new words to the Word Wall while engaging in a variety of activities and games to help students remember their spellings.  The sight words will stay up all year so that students can refer to them as needed.  Studies have shown that word walls are effective in helping students improve their spelling.                                                               

     Scholastic Reading Club flyers were sent home with your child today.  This monthly program makes it easy for you to choose books that your child will love to read --- and at a great value!  Whenever you order, we get free books for our class library.  The deadline for ordering books this month is Friday, September 26th.  You may either send in a check with your order to school, or order books online at (I will accept money in sealed envelopes, but I am not responsible if your child loses or misplaces it.) Our class activation code is MCC97.