Oct. 26th

posted Oct 26, 2017, 10:21 AM by Renee Healy
Reading-  Reread your leveled reader for tomorrow's test.
Math- Workbook p. 19 (only if you didn't finish it in class)

Technology/Writing-  Finish researching your spider.  We had some internet issues and we weren't able to finish our research.  We were looking up information about there physical appearance, spider babies, what they eat, how it catches its prey, where it lives and any other interesting facts.

Scholastic Book Orders are due next week!  Nov. 1st  or you can order on line using my code HD93B.

Also, multiplication facts should be practiced every night!  We are doing well, but we can still use a little more practice on the 3's.  If you mastered the 3's, move onto the 4's. :)