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What's Happening This Week.....

posted Nov 9, 2015, 4:25 PM by Stephanie Gerlach
 The students have been making good progress with memorizing their addition and subtraction facts – they're up to adding and subtracting by 5! This week, they’ll be using those skills to complete two-digit and three-digit addition problems. We will be reviewing how to regroup numbers when adding. In Science, the students are beginning their study of animal life cycles. They will be researching various animals to discover how some undergo metamorphosis. In Social Studies, the students will be learning about the experiences of the early settlers at Jamestown and their interactions with the Powhatan tribe. They will read about the actual Pocahontas and compare her life story with the Disney version! Don't forget to mark your calendar for our school's Thanksgiving Feast on Wednesday, November 25th!  All classes are being asked to donate items. You can find the list under "Forms and Docs" in the left-hand column.