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What's Happening This Week .....

posted Jan 18, 2016, 7:57 PM by Stephanie Gerlach
The students received their Multiplication Incentive Charts last week. In order to help them understand the concept behind multiplying (what it is and how it works), we'll be practicing how to multiply by drawing, grouping, adding, skip counting, and using arrays. By next Monday, they will be expected to know the 0 and 1 times tables and complete a timed quiz. In general, students will be given 1 week to memorize the easier times tables and 2 weeks as we move on to the higher numbers. Dates for each timed quiz will always be announced a week in advance ..... In Science, the students will continue their study of animal adaptations by "camouflaging" butterflies around the classroom. On Wednesday, it's Pioneer Day - more about this special event in another post!