Important Notice About Lunch Orders

posted Sep 11, 2014, 7:50 AM by Stephanie Gerlach
Please note the following lunch order procedures: Parents must pre-order a lunch card with a value of 20 lunches ($80.00).  The 20 lunches are available until they are exhausted, they ARE NOT monthly. Your child will make a lunch choice in the morning in the classroom (Hot Lunch, Turkey Sandwich, Ham Sandwich, or Salad Option) and it will be ready for them at lunchtime. 

If your child will be ordering school lunches, you will need to purchase a lunch card. Lunch Card order forms and Lunch Menus are online and can be printed. Please be sure to review with your child when they will be ordering and what they will be ordering so that they will be aware when they come to school in the morning.

Thank you for your cooperation in following these guidelines.